A land trapped in summer. A missing father. A dangerous journey. The explosive, action-packed new adventure from the award-winning author of Kick and Pop!


A spark of inspiration

Spark is set at an undisclosed point in the future, in a world ruined by climate change. Civilisation has collapsed, the weather is hot and stormy, and water is scarce. Life, where it survives, is hard. It's a terrifying premise, and yet this scenario is - quite possibly - what awaits us in real life.

The scientific community is pretty much unanimous: we are at a critical point. And yet we don't seem to be acting with the urgency required to save ourselves and the planet. We are still doing too much of the things we shouldn't, and too little of the things we should. I wanted to write a story that attempted to answer some of the questions that scare me most: What if we don't act in time? What if humanity's actions (and inaction) lead to irreversible climate change? What kind of place will Earth become?


And, perhaps the most troublesome question of all: What might life be like for those who live in that time?

Ash is one such person. When he wakes to find that everyone in Last Village has disappeared, he sets off in search of answers. He encounters a decimated landscape, sparsely populated by dangerous, desperate people. But he also finds answers to questions that have plagued him his whole life: truths it might have been better not to know.

Writing Spark was like reaching through a heavy curtain, not knowing what unpleasantness might meet my fingertips on the other side. It is the kind of story that I hope remains just a story.